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Karen Howes
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Hi CG,

I’m in a similar situation – also cash based, people pay me in cash, I use spreadsheets, and am looking for a software package. I’ve been looking at Nominal Accounting Software (http://www.nominal.com.au) and it seems pretty good – I won’t need all the features it offers, but it will allow me to buy and download the features I want individually, which makes it more affordable. If you want payroll only software, Wages Window is brilliant.

On the topic of charts of accounts, I think an easy way to think of it is that your different types of expenses (advertising, inventory, staff amenities, electricity, etc) each have a number or code, and these numbers are what make up the chart of accounts. It’s really no different to the columns on your spreadsheet; each code allocates your spending to the right ‘column’ in the accounting software, but rather than seeing a whole table, you’ll see sections and summaries.

Heather was on the panel at a Young Entrepreneurs event I went to a few months ago, and she certainly knows her bookkeeping stuff. She can probably explain it better than I can!