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James Millar
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tonyhollingsworth, post: 100525 wrote:

I was kindly referred to your question via my friend Stuart Horrex on Twitter.

Do have a look at Saasu (disclaimer: I’m their CHO) We’ve been in business since 2001 and offer the most competitive price and feature set on the market, including fully integrated payroll with paid plans starting from $25 per month.

There isn’t really a best product to let you know – it’s clear you’re doing your own research which is great :-)

You can view a comparison of the major Australian online accounting suppliers here: http://bit.ly/SaasuCompare

Should you have any questions you can call us 1300 72 62 71 or email service (at) saasu (dot) com

Tony Hollingsworth

I’d say give Saasu a go BUT Tony you really need to add a comparative balance sheet report to your program. I was advised by someone in our office a few weeks ago that it doesn’t have this report – major omission. A two column comparative balance sheet with third “difference” column like MYOB allows accountant difference journals to be created with ease. We’d push your product more if it wasn’t for this.

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