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Hi CG,

Interesting thread indeed,I can’t believe I missed it :-)

Well I have been busy adding some great features to Nominal – online banking feeds for CBA, ANZ, Bankweest & NAB released this week. I can’t wait to get some feedback on it.

I am glad you had a look at Nominal and I am happy to work with you to make sure it works for you – which it should because Nominal is designed with micro business in mind. (BTW you can use a solution like dropbox if you want to work from multiple locations)

As stated you can select the specific options you need (sales, purchases,BAS/ATO submissions,Web, Payroll, time billing) – the basic features includes banking (cash in/out), reports, online banking -is only $99 one off!

You can select to add software upgrades for $75/year only – which will make sure you stay up to date. Or $150/year for email support.