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Phillip P
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JohnSheppard, post: 100680 wrote:
People that turn down work generally tend to know what they are doing…Maybe you should take their advice and exit the industry?

Competition…is not awesome….it’s the last thing you want as a business…competition is what drives margins down……throwing time, money at things is not going to make competition go away….

Typically the way out of competition is too niche, but…..you tell me? Where does one niche in the printing market? The answer to that is the start of your strategy.

Competition is awesome! Welcome to the real world heaps of competition in an opportunity filled country like Australia!

Competition is healthy and if no competition was around prices would be INFLATED and no imagination marketing would hold the world to ransom.

Lazy business with zero marketing means business will not last…

As hymstrategies has already mentioned that i know of a good few printers that know the business enough to spend good money on marketing not only to corner a niche… but also corner long term customers…

The how much is a customer worth too you for the rest of their live is very very important.

People that turn down work are the ones that have 1 system they run down the list for MOST companies and call it a solution. They pick clients through a check list of easy money to too hard basket.

I was involved with a pet site launch that we took care of the marketing, list building and site dev and absolutely smashed it… and we all know pet industrty is also a killer.