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Thank you all heaps!

With regards to perhaps charging a fee for referrals and vice versa, that might work really well for me with one business in particular.

OK, for Phillip’s questions. My Adwords clients cost me $22 per client to get. Not bad I think. My perfect client? Don’t know if there is such a thing but I certainly have a ‘demographic’ – which is 25-45 (very rarely older) childless gay and straight couples with their ‘fur kids’. A small section of my business is the more affluent couples with children and older empty nesters with high incomes such as CEO’s.

Clients problems are : don’t want to put their animals in kennels or have too many/diverse range of animals for kennels to be practical. They want something easy, fuss free and a service they can trust to really care for their animals whilst away.

Gossipism, I love the idea of selling to the owner and that really it has nothing to do with the pet. It is interesting because you HAVE to catch people at the right time with the right message otherwise it doesn’t go in. Get people at a travel agent and you know they are planning their holiday – great time to catch them! Visits to travel agents is on the cards next year!

Also I do have a Facebook page – just forgot to mention it! The only reason I started this page was for reassurance. I wanted people to see the pets we look after and also clients messages to me on the site. I think it adds an extra layer of trust. http://www.facebook.com/pages/At-Home-Pet-Sitters/186706214069?v=wall&ref=pdem

I can’t think of any more/better USP’s – I am the only business offering and advertising client references and that appears to be very powerful. And also my competition is generally a one man band – so backup and emergency staff are unique to me and it certainly offers peace of mind to my regular clients who KNOW that there are at least two staff members who know their pets. Honesty, integrity and a willingness to reveal myself and add the personal touch hopefully comes through from my site too. I want people to feel as if they know me before they have met me and this has been quite successful – as people tell me they enjoy reading about me and my animals on the website when they book.

Lastly I have two questions for you:

– I have recently been offered a 60% discount in advertising in a very high end (market I’m aiming for) magazine called Tasmanian Life. It would cost me just under $2000 for a half page ad in 4 issues (1 year). I am wary of print advertising for the very reason of catching people at the right moment. However I would love to market to that higher end client and this is a one time only offer due to relaunching. Also TL is a magazine that readers tend to keep on their coffee table – not something they would throw away like a newspaper. Thoughts? Its a big chunk of money for my business!

-If a few people could go here: http://www.athomepetsitters.com.au/references/ and click on the Facebook link to see if it works correctly? It works fine for me and a few friends I’ve asked but someone on the other thread said the link wasn’t live for her. Help would be appreciated!

Thanks again,