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Hi Ben,

I can see you have a lot of responses so will keep this quick; As a sole trader, yes you will need an ABN and the business name registration in your state (assuming of course you will be trading as something other than your own name).

Perhaps someone can confirm this, but, I think if you later register a company (Pty Ltd) it will need to register its own ABN at that time (your sole trader ABN won’t transfer to the Pty Ltd) – so keep that in mind, as it will then mean a lot of paperwork/document updates and notifying repeat clients etc of the new entity & ABN.

You will also need to register for GST (as a sole trader or Pty Ltd) once you are making a certain amount of money – I believe its 75K, so keep an eye on that too.

As AGMBris mentioned, ensure you look into the trademark side of things. A trademark ‘protects’ a name (a business name or company registration do not do this) -so, if someone else already has a registered trademark for the same/confusingly similar name in your industry, any use of that name by you could infringe their rights. I would be happy to look further into this for you if you would like to send me a PM with the name you have in mind.

All the best,