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Hi Ben,

Just in case you’re still deciding and doing research on which structure is right for you and how to go about registering we have a great website full of exactly the information you are looking for.

You mentioned endless PDF’s from different government organizations and this is another issue we understand.

As one of Australia’s leading corporate service providers we specialize in setting up structures, registering business names as well as company incorporation and we are here to help and take the stress and confusion out of the process.

Here are a few links to resources which I think will really help:

http://www.setupbusiness.com.au – this is our blog where we answer many of your questions. And our website http://www.shelcom.com.au where you’ll find more resources as well as our product offer.

If you have questions you can contact us either by email or phone and we can walk you through the registration process. I hope that you will find more clarity and will be able to get your business up and running soon!