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Greg W
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wizseoservicesaustralia, post: 100834 wrote:
1st option is redirection and 2nd is let .com.au be your primary website and create a blog on .com about your products on primary domain.

Ok, but my site is a blog, what I am looking for is clarification as to why different sites around the traps have different rules on this eg,

    enter xyz.com in browser url and automatically changes to xyz.com.au
    enter xyz.com in url and xyz.com remains in url but site content is exactly same as if u typed in xyz.com.au

Not looking a creating two seperate sites just best way to deliver traffic to the .com.au address.

And also what happens if you change the redirection at a much later stage down the track from .com.au to the .com? Do you have to start all over again with page ranking and stuff?