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Bob Jones
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leisadent, post: 100634 wrote:
Over the last few weeks, I’ve contacted several marketing services, including general marketing strategies/plans and specialised online marketing pros; and it seems nobody wants to know about me because my industry is so competitive – ie. getting results for me would be just too hard.

I’m in first page google results for some good terms, pages 2, 3+ for others that could benefit from some outside help, and I really just want someone to help me:

– sort out my strategy
– give me a plan to follow
– and take care of some of the ongoing tasks I don’t have the time/skills to do effectively

The goal is simple:
– make the most of the SERPs I’m getting already
– tell me how to tweak the website to get more good terms in the first page, so I get
– loads more clickthroughs
– and the all-important conversions.

The only issue for the services I’ve contacted is that they can’t offer a good ROI because there’s so much competition. So I’m looking for a marketing / online strategy company with clients I’ve heard of and proven results, who are not scared to take on a competitive industry. Any suggestions?

I sent you a private message over a month ago to which you never replied. I’m pretty sure it had to do with this :)