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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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There are plenty of printers “printing” money via back end marketing and selling other services.

Competition can be limited by differentiating yourself and finding out your customer lifetime value.

MY suggestion is you start reading this book. You will get more out of it than most marketing “Experts” and it’s free.

A good marketing consultant will charge you at least $500/hr + % of revenue but it will be guaranteed so ultimately, it comes out of your profit instead of your pocket.

The alternative is to tie up a marketing consultant for 6 months. cost begins at $25k+ % of profits.

You will be paying for results not time so don’t expect them to have a 9-5 workday in your office except for the first couple of weeks (to understand you, your business, stafff, suppliers, clients, process, policies, procedures, etc).

leisadent, post: 100634 wrote:
Over the last few weeks, I’ve contacted several marketing services, including general marketing strategies/plans and specialised online marketing pros; and it seems nobody wants to know about me because my industry is so competitive – ie. getting results for me would be just too hard.

I’m in first page google results for some good terms, pages 2, 3+ for others that could benefit from some outside help, and I really just want someone to help me:

– sort out my strategy
– give me a plan to follow
– and take care of some of the ongoing tasks I don’t have the time/skills to do effectively

The goal is simple:
– make the most of the SERPs I’m getting already
– tell me how to tweak the website to get more good terms in the first page, so I get
– loads more clickthroughs
– and the all-important conversions.

The only issue for the services I’ve contacted is that they can’t offer a good ROI because there’s so much competition. So I’m looking for a marketing / online strategy company with clients I’ve heard of and proven results, who are not scared to take on a competitive industry. Any suggestions?