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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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great job on detailing your accomplishments. action is where things are at and you’ve hit the ground running so congrats.

1. Your point of difference is too generic. Anyone can claim the same. think along the lines of when dominoes first started > Fresh, hot, delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free. (irresistable offer)

2. in terms of marketing, if you don’t get your message and market right, you are wasting your time and money regardless of what media you use.

3. gone are the days of tele marketing, door knocking, etc. they still work but if you are not comfortable, master google adwords, seminars, webinars, etc

4. you dont have to aggressively sell ur service. consider writing reports or videos on what people should look out for when researching a service provider from your industry. slowly introduce your services (5% of content). position yourself as an expert and a trusted advisor.

5. joint venture with other complementary services. create a formal referral system to keep tabs for optimisation. dont rule out doing business with your more expensive or less expensive competition. they will have leads that don’t convert. might as well refer them to you for a finder’s fee (And vice versa).

6. to be successful, you need to be a marketer of your service instead of just a provider/supplier.

7. become a client advocate for your target market.

At Home Pet Sitters, post: 100664 wrote:
Hi there,

Point Of Difference: I offer a pet minding & housesitting service that has casual employees that are interviewed, security and reference checked. They are trained and sign a code of conduct. We are fully insured. Clients are protected if any pet sitter is sick or can’t get to a job – we provide a replacement. We provide excellent customer service and we offer genuine client references for any pet sitter on request (as in you can speak to a real person who has used that pet sitter and our service).

My personal weaknesses are having the confidence to get out there, call and visit other businesses to let them know about my services. I haven’t aggressively marketed as newer businesses are doing and seem to be successful at…

Attending networking functions makes me want to vomit! Dealing with the growing amount of competition is an issue for me – how do I approach them? Do I even approach them? Should I work with them??? For instance we have a doggy daycare in Hobart that has grown MASSIVELY in the last 12 months – but they also offer pet minding services so I haven’t approached them.

I am a bit of a marketing wallflower, I don’t aggressively sell my service and rely on the quality of the service to speak for itself. Loud, brash and in yer face is not me.. So how can I sell my service and gain elusive word of mouth without compomising myself? I also have a teeny budget so that is an issue, and outsourcing anything is not really an option at the moment.

Your help and advice is greatly appreciated!