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start using social media if you havent already.

facebook, twitter, blah blah blah. there are people that can help you with this (ahem) so ask them if you need it. facebook is a very PRO animal environment if you havent noticed and you could get a great deal of interest from there.

as much as i loathe flyers, i think they are suitable for your scenario. also timing is a little more critical in your case as things like school holidays, easter, christmas when families want to go away, could be seen as better times to drop them (a couple of weeks before maybe).

some good copy will definitely help (ie why you should let us after your pet and not your neighbour/friend/whoever).

i am a little familiar with this sort of business and another thing you could try is standing out.

how about a grooming package whilst you have the animals? or something corny like a postcard from their pet to them while theyre away?

what you should maybe do is try some of the things already but put them in front of a different audience.

ok so why would people need you? cuz they want to go on holiday, or have to go somewhere far where their pet cant come, right? so base some of your marketing around tourism. maybe the RACV mag or something similar. what about local schools in their newsletters – families go away all the time.

i think if you focus more on the industries that are taking people away from their homes and leaving their pets, the more qualified leads you could get.

i wouldnt focus on the pet industry. you service really has nothing to do directly with pets but more so the owners. so target them and their holidaying ways.