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Re: Stall at Major local event, can you help us make sure we get everything out of it

BranchingOut, post: 100846 wrote:
I sympathise with your situation.

You should think about having samples of the following:
1. Party decorations around your stall (showing how “great” their party would be)
2. Samples of the lolly bags (if you provide)
3. Samples of the cake you bake (I think I remember a post from you saying that bake cakes – sorry if not you).

I also think that whilst the kids are getting their faces painted by your staff, you should be focussing all your attention on the parents – selling convenience NOT kid’s parties (sounds stupid I know but selling time to overworked parents might be your ticket).

I think that you should not offer a discount for people. Rather throw in a value add – such as a cake or present for the party child or perhaps 5 free lolly bags.

Also, I think on your newsletter sign up sheet, you should ask for the month of the child’s birthday so that you can market and send a “free gift”. Perhaps you could write something like – “we respect your privacy but we would love to send your child a present for their birthday. To ensure we send it on time, it would be appreciated if you could please include the month your child was born”. Then you have a marketing list that you can target each month.

Also, food for thought about creating and promoting a side business – perhaps you can also create cake, lolly bag and decorations packages for people who decide to hold parties at home (again selling convenience).

I think that once you change your mindset from selling kid’s parties to selling convenience, I think that your message may change and be more targeted.

Thankyou for your ideas. We do focus on the stress free part in our flyers. I have had a think about the kids in the queue for face paining (which is the part I hate) and we have decided to set up a table for the to create a sea themed mural, making life easier for the parents. I will have 2 staff dedicated to this activity and also engaging with parents about our parties and the convienance!

I will have little mini cupcakes to sample for people.

We will be using our big party backdrops as the walls for our marquee, we will also do some balloon centerpieces to sit near the cupcakes and newsletter sign up. I was thinking they would need an incentive to sign up? which is why I suggested the prize? But if it isn’t something bigger, will people sign up if they don’t think they will book our services? So what about $100 off a party (we would still cover costs) for a big prize for customers who signed up for the newsletter? Then is someone books today they receive a free birthday cake for their party?

Thankyou for you rideas, it is really helpful.