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Yes, you make sense lol

I don’t know Saasu, but from a bookkeeping perspective I think I can help.

If you want to track the prepaid hours through inventory you will need to create an inventory account called Pre-Paid Hours under assets. You will need to create a new item for each client eg Smith, Jones etc as the item, value for each unit as your hourly rate, unit will be an hour. Your “stock” would always be in negative numbers, until the prepaid hours were used up at which time the stock on hand for that item would return to zero.

So the sales invoice for Mr Smith for say 10 hrs @ $50/hr would be issued to the client as buying 10 units of inventory item “Smith prepaid hours”, (to the liability account as you’ve set up), your stock item Smith would be showing as having negative 10 in stock. Mr Smith then uses up 2 hrs and your next invoice would show 2 hrs of time for $100 (to you usual sales account to show the income) and -2 hrs of the stock item Smith Prepaid Hours (against your liability account). So the client’s invoice would simply show the activity with a zero balance and stock item Smith would now have negative 8 in stock.

You can always see your total hours prepaid in your liability account, and get the individual tracking you’re after through your inventory.

Hope this helps!

Wendy :)