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TasIT, post: 102857 wrote:
Hi Dan,

Interesting post. We have recently updated our website and as such, have been spending a lot of time researching SEO. Blogging seems like the way to go, but I am interested in the conversion rates you get from the traffic generated by your blog posts. High volume of traffic is great, but if the conversation rate is significantly lower, it almost seems pointless? Please correct me if I’m wrong.


My conversion rates are woeful. But once you start blogging you attract a whole new audience so it’s very hard to compare conversion rates.

For example if I had a one page site which provided an opt in form and a video and nothing else say something like http://www.silvercircle.com/ I would get a high conversion rate because a high % of people going there are interested and there’s good potential there for them to sign up.

However I have all sorts of people going to my blog, other bloggers, commenters, SEO people doing research, people just starting out, all sorts. Only a small amount are potential customers.

The thing people don’t really understand is just how much traffic you need to start getting some good benefit from it. Here are some numbers.

  • I get around 5000 visits to the blog per month
  • Out of these I’ll get around 100 signing up for my newsletter
  • I’ll get around 30 or 1 a day contacting me about a project

It doesn’t sound like much but try getting one lead a day using adwords. Let’s say $3 / click and a 2% conversion rate you are paying $150 for each lead. That’s $4.5k a month or over $50k a year.

Also blogging is also only part of SEO (I do a lot more than just writing articles to rank well in Google).

And on the other side of it, SEO is only one of the benefits of blogging.

Hope that helps.