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misspt, post: 100977 wrote:
Hi all :) New member here. I’ve done a bit of reserach but I’m after some more advice.

I’m about to embark on a new career in fitness and I’m close to completing my qualifications. Whilst I will start working in a gym, I’d also like to do start my own business on the side since I’m interested in doing fitness outdoors.

I’ve become attached to a business name, however upon further research I can see that there are a few of the same names registered in different states. A similar one in NT, same in VIC that seems current and the same name in two other states that don’t seem to be currently active. However I did a domain name search and the name is free, apart from the similar one in NT.

Shoud I steer clear of it, or is it worth considering? Any help and suggestions appreciated :)

I went through the same thing. Thought I had a clever name for animated digital signage in “signs of life” and found that somebody had already trademarked it. I was stuck for a week or so on the fact that someone else had it and I wanted it. Then I saw something on a blog that pointed out that your name has almost zero bearing on how well you will do (the BEATLES?? Really???). People will always come to you for what you offer, not your name. A cool or clever name is only that.
Another plus is the more original your name, the less confusion there will be when typed into google.