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Visionlux, post: 103115 wrote:
I went through the same thing. Thought I had a clever name for animated digital signage in “signs of life” and found that somebody had already trademarked it. I was stuck for a week or so on the fact that someone else had it and I wanted it. Then I saw something on a blog that pointed out that your name has almost zero bearing on how well you will do (the BEATLES?? Really???). People will always come to you for what you offer, not your name. A cool or clever name is only that.
Another plus is the more original your name, the less confusion there will be when typed into google.

Even in the ‘name protection’ business, I tend to agree! A name is a name and it’s how you align that name with your business that will attract people. So many well known ‘brands’ started off with no real definition to them… they are now household names because of how they have marketed those ‘names’… I have previously worked with and spent time with a lady who focus’ precisely on this – that even the coolest name in the world will be ‘worthless’ if there’s nothing behind it… (see http://www.brandology.com.au for further information if interested). They have posted a lot of information about aligning your brand with your business (regardless of what that name may be) and lots of tips/articles etc…