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Camera Chick
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I would not be writing paypal off at all. I am the opposite and if the store does not offer paypal but some other type of checkout where I have to give a stranger on a web site my credit card details Ill go elsewhere.

My entire store is run via paypal and challenge those to take a look to tell where it looks “cheap”? I run my checkout through a company called Cartloom ( http://www.cartloom.com) for $10 per month and they manage my inventory. Go to my site at http://www.camerachick.com.au and put something into the cart, then tell me how cheap it looks (follow the process through on the cart until it says pay so you get a good idea how professional it can look). I also dont want peoples details and dont want to be responsible for checking on hackers etc.

Paypal is the safest most trusted format of paying in the world and I think you would cut your nose to spite your face if you rule it out on those grounds. At least look at it as being an option.

Just some feedback from a shopping queen :-)