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David@Verve Recruitment
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JohnSheppard, post: 101352 wrote:
For the love of God, I hope that truth/honesty part rings true… :)

IT recruitment agencies from my meagre experience with them are the biggest bunch of bull crap artists on the face of the planet. Or maybe it’s just incompetence, I don’t know. I’d love to hear more about the industry and why it is so :)

haha I hope that’s not rude, welcome Varun and good luck with your venture!

Is it facetious of me to lol? If not, lol. If so I’ll just quietly snigger.

Your experiences, John, aren’t limited to just IT recruitment agencies, the whole recruitment industry has a myriad of issues. The key reason (or catalyst) for this is the typical high costs involved – charging the client a percentage of the employees salary. For a high paying IT based role, at 15 to 20 +% you’re looking at a tidy sum of money, and most humans would sell their grandmothers for less, so in my mind it’s inevitable that most recruiters will behave in unethical and illegal ways.

There are recruitment and short listing services out there that work in a whole different way, and we have a service that charges no placement fee, which means we have no financial incentive to lie, bend the truth or do anything untoward or naughty to either the client nor the candidate. This gives us the freedom to act ethically and honestly at all times, which is not necessarily an option that your typical results driven agency / consultant has. The essential problem is that humans are greedy and most agencies will chase high fees regardless as to how inappropriate or damaging their actions may be. Our solution is to charge for the work that we do and to have a balanced payment structure (arguably the highest value service of it’s kind in the country). That way we all win.

That being said there are of course reasons why high recruitment agency costs can be justified (albeit not very convincing ones). In any case, good luck to you Varun.

Don’t mean to wizz on anyones parade.