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Hi David,

We’ve been having issues with our website in the last week or so, hopefully we can address this soon as I am aware of the lost traffic this is causing. In the meantime, checkout and like our facebook and twitter page:

DraftPick is an online portal where small businesses signup for free to access and connect with recruiters who are exclusively listed on our network.

Our clients are SME’s, mum & dad businesses, and entrepreneurs (pretty much our fellow soloists who own their own small business) who are looking to fill a role. Recruitment agencies could be our clients, if they are looking to fill a role themselves, but they’re not our sole bread and butter.

One thing to note, though DraftPick is not a recruitment agency we do assist in sourcing the recruitment support which small businesses need, at a much lower cost (monetary and otherwise) than the traditional recruitment model.

Good on you for challenging the traditional model, and I sincerely hope that businesses give themselves a chance to realise the benefits of using options such as yours and ours over the big recruitment agencies.


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