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David@Verve Recruitment
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DraftPick, post: 103206 wrote:
The description, examples and details provided in this lengthy thread can hardly be construed as lack of information.

Our business model is different and may at first seem vague compared to traditional recruitment models and those accustomed to it, but we are confident (but not arrogant) that businesses will find our service a refreshing option in the delivery of recruitment support in an otherwise seemingly unchanging industry.

Hi Jeremy,

OK, let me explain that i’m not trying to be mean, i’m trying to be helpful. You don’t necessarily have to agree with my comments but I’m making them honestly. I’m not saying what I’m saying in order to upset you.

I’ve read your posts, i’ve looked at your website, i’ve looked at your facebook page and your twitter page, and despite you being rather confident that you’ve provided plenty of information I personally have no clue as to what draftpick recruitment do, and that’s despite me taking an interest and being proactive in trying to find that information.

I know that you do someting that you’re proud of, and that helps employers find recruitment agencies via an online portal, and is different to traditional recruitment agency offerings. And all of that is great and of interest to us as we do something similar (well we offer an extremely attractive recruitment and candidate short listing service). But beyond that I know nothing about the specifics of what your business services are.

I’m suggesting that the services that your business offers are not as clearly explained as you may think. In fact I could go further and state that they’re not clearly explained at all. Which is a bit of a shame given the interest that we have.