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David@Verve Recruitment
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AgentMail, post: 102969 wrote:
Hi Dave,

Don’t forget we are in FlyingSolo here, and most of us are responsible for our own destiny, not ‘The Mans’ :)

I think what Khalid is saying, which I totally agree with, is it is better to have interaction with a client, and be the one to provide the referral, rather than simply saying ‘Sorry we can’t help’

Hi AgentMail.

Yep I also agree with what Khalid is saying. I think workable referal strategys are great. I just don’t think they’re quite as easily workable for most businesses as is suggested.

If I’m the owner of a Hyundai dealership, do I really want to refer potential customers, or have my staff refer potential customers to a Honda dealer? To what end? Personally I couldn’t see the Honda dealer wanting to pay a commission, and how could I possibly track the sale. I can’t see it happening. Wouldn’t I be better to identify the market and to supply a solution for them, perhaps by selling pre-owned Hondas or such. Or simply accepting that not all sales opportunities become sales and focus on maximising those that are within the businesses scope.

Same with real estate. I suppose if I owned an independent agency servicing one area, and I have a client looking for a property in another area, I could have existing relationships that I can refer that person to, but really would I get a commission? For what, mentioning another real estate agents name? I can’t see it. Would it be worth maintaining such relationships with other real estate agents? I guess so for some real estate agents, but my guess would be not for most.

I can see the benefit of mentioning other companies just out of good will, and I can see that there are specific examples, as in your case, where there is the opportunity to have long standing mutually beneficial relationships with direct competitors, but my feeling would be that that would be the exception rather than the norm, and even where it is possible I would suspect that it is not necessarily worth while.

Put me in the sceptics camp on this one.