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Khalid Adam, post: 101614 wrote:
I gave one example for car sales people. Another one is in real estate where people are looking for properties outside a certain area so it make sense to refer them to professional who handles that area and be financially rewarded.

I think your examples make a lot of sense, but I suspect that they’re not practical. I’d also be thinking about collusion legal issues.

I say not practical because if, for example, I was a car salesman and was smart enough to realise that the punter wasn’t going to buy my clapped out Hyundai as he wanted to spend his dollars on a sports car, I wouldn’t be able to refer him to the local Ferrari dealer because my employer would not have such a referal arrangement in place. And my employer probably wouldn’t be able to put such a referal arrangement in place as they’d rather concentrate on finding clients for their own business as opposed to handing potential clients to another persons business.

Same with real estate. If I worked for Century 21, surely I’d be sacked for suggesting that the customer takes a look at LJ Hooker.

As much sense as your suggestion makes, it can only be practical if the companies involved can easily agree to a legal and effective referal system, and my guess would be that that would not be appropriate for most businesses.