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James Millar
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gmbproject, post: 101783 wrote:
Hi fellow FS Members,

I have a bit of a pickle, well not so much a pickle, but something which is giving me a few early grey hairs so in lieu of aging early, I wanted to ask your expert opinions. Lay it on, say it how it is, and I will take your pearls of wisdom on board!

I am curious to know, say you wanted general financial advice. You are not at the stage of needing a financial planner, but you are looking for some really good strategies around money, that you can easily implement in your life (could be relating to budgeting, fees, costs, interest etc)

Who do you go to to get this information currently? Or where do you go to get this information?

More to the point, would you be willing to seperate from your hard earned cash and pay for this information (if it came in say ebook form?). Or would there be other formats you would find even more useful.

Curious to hear your thoughts. Like many businesses, I am pondering about different ways to build product around my business, which is currently service related. Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you all, have a fab day!



If its for business advice – try your accountant or someone with a business advisory service.

If its for personal financial planning then I still say try your accountant and seek a referral to a financial planner. Many are sales people with no active portfolio management capabilities.

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