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Keeta Nova
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I completed this many years ago, and it worked for me because I just wanted something on my resume, and some new concepts to think about.

I didn’t complete this course with the purpose of running my own business, but at the time I was working for others in education/media management roles, and needed some proof I was capable. An A4 piece of paper certainly helped!

The problem with courses like this, is they only show you one way to run a business. The course material and learning outcomes are designed for a stereotyped business model. Overall it seems to be very serious, often out-of-date, and disregards that many business owners are simply trying to build a lifestyle to suit their needs.

Some of the big issues in running a business include juggling family commitments, sacrificing income during the start-up phase, and weighing up the benefits of being a predictable employee (with a predictable wage), or an uncertain, yet excited business owner.

I see no problem with doing a course like this. It can’t hurt, but there is also no reason why you can’t start a business without it, and obtain the information elsewhere without a qualification.

Good luck!