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For everyone considering trying to keep value of goods under $1,000 I strongly suggest going through the customs website.

Here is an extract that might be relevant to you:

“The Customs Tariff Act 1995 excludes goods that form part of a bulk-order from receiving the concessional treatment applied to low value goods (Bylaws 32a and 32b to Schedule 4).

This is to ensure importers do not intentionally split consignments of cargo into multiple consignments to avoid the payment of relevant duties and taxes.
In instances where a consignment is split, the duty, GST and taxes must be paid regardless of the Customs value of that part of the shipment. This is the case even if the Customs value is at or below the entry threshold of $1,000.”

If you are looking to see if there are more cost effective ways of arranging your shipments that is exactly what we do at Global Logistics Consulting so feel free to get in contact and check out our website.