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Hi Simon,

Thanks again for your time and providing me with such good knowledge as well – would love to see an accountant like you, but unfortunately you do live in the best city and I don’t :-)

Thanks also for the confirmation of the Home Office expenses – I use the study in my house to all work related activities (I only see my client once a week in their offices, otherwise it is done from home), but this is not a fully dedicated “office” which is why I believe that going down the 0.34 per hour x number of hours worked is correct.

This whole excercise of being a sole trader and how to treat my taxes has been a challenging one for me – but I love challenges!!. I know I would have had a better vacation had I simply gone to see Simon.

Simon – look foward to the response to my Private Message IF you have the time. Let me know either way and will be happy with whatever you tell me.

Think you have gone to an absolutely fantastic effort with us – and I really thank you tremendously.