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jentre, post: 103455 wrote:
Marketing/advertising is probably my biggest issue – trying to work out what will work, whats worth paying for and what to stay away from is making me a little crazy.

As photographers the competition is immense – you just have to look at the yellow pages to see how many there are, and thats without considering the big well known names like Pixie Fotos.

So far we have our website and facebook page; we have a paid for listing on two wedding planning web sites (one has generated quite a few enquiries), as well as a few non-paid ads on other sites; flyers at a couple of local community centres and the kid’s kinders; we’ve done a couple of expos as well as a display one weekend at the local shopping centre. And of course word of mouth amongst friends. It all seems to generate a lot of enquiries but getting those as firm bookings is the hard part! Any advise on that would be appreciated.

i would steer clear of advertising in the yellow pages.