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Bah! Humbug!!!
My brother started losing his hair at about 26 years of age, the biggest effect was on his personal perception of himself. Of course it is hard on a bloke, more so on a young one, since it does dramatically alter one’s appearance, and I am sure that you started to more frequently notice those men with less or no hair after that pea-brain made that foolish comment.

So now, notice something else: it isn’t so much what they have or do not have but rather how they wear it…. note the confidence in one bald man’s walk and demeanour versus the uncertain gait of another with a fully carpeted scalp! And how about the long since late Yul Brynner? Man, what a cool-lookin’ dude! He’s just one example. They are everywhere. What shows is how you present yourself, not so much what you present. If somebody writes you off on the basis of your external appearance, perhaps you do not really want to associate with such anyway.