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I think it is incredibly important actually. I’ve lost many a client due to the random appearance of ear hair, protruding like a lose electric wire from the fuse box of my head. One fine gentleman actually tried to pluck it once while I was mid-presentation only to be catapulted out of his office window. (they are quite strong you know, they must be plucked from a certain angle)

The danger is that respect for you will diminish hair by hair, so given you are probably on a budget I’d try the wig option.
Extreme budgets can try the “hot dollar” type shops, you can get a good party Afro-style there. This would raise you to cool IT dude stakes in a matter of minutes. Or, you could do the even better option of making it yourself from your lost hair:

Also consider the embarrassment if any hair was to fall while you were in a clients office. Maybe take a little dustbuster in your kit-bag for such emergencies.

Just laugh. It’s all good.