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Couple It, post: 102272 wrote:
Thanks Brett for your script information.

I have amazed myself and found the footer theme and coding (WP). My website had automatically updated to the current year so I added “2010-” in front of the coding already there and came up with

All rights reserved © Couple It 2010-

which now shows as 2010-2012 and will update the current year automatically each 1st January. I know very little about coding, so I’m hoping this will help anyone else who has WP sites.

Wendy :)

That works too…. though if you have just started your site (for future compatibility) you would need to expand it to check if the current year is not equal to the year you started it.

Something like this..


function showCopyright() {

// Set year you started site
$s_year = ‘2010’;

// Get current year
$c_year = date(“Y”);

if ($c_year != $s_year) {
return ‘- ‘ . $c_year;



All rights reserved © Couple It 2010

This is obviously a lot more reliable than JS as it will always show, however the JS way is just a method you can use regardless of what backend language your site uses (PHP, .NET, Ruby etc).