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David@Verve Recruitment
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We do the dreaded T word, telemarketing.

But we do so very simply and then forward an email outlining our service once we’ve been granted permission to do so. Our service sells itself so we just need to make people aware of it. Most people we speak with appreciate our service so it’s largely just a matter of getting through to them, or (legally) getting some information their way.

We get a lot of referals, although I think this could be significantly increased with a more structured referal strategy, on the list for 2012.

We have experimented with Print advertising in specialist magazines but have had very weak responses. Even the sales people have told us not to expect direct results from print advertising unless you advertise on an ongoing basis, which for us is unlikely to make financial sense. So we’ve abandoned that media for now.

We’ve looked at online advertising but haven’t found the right forum at the right price as yet.

We’re interested in developing a social media presence, on the list for 2012, but we need some advice without being charged the earth, so I think we may have to dive into Facebook / G+ ourselves.

We’ve thought momentarily about billboard advertising, but we’ve not had calls returned so we don’t know about pricing and expect it to be out of our reach, given that we’d require return on investment.

We’ve thought about attending some events / conferences, but we’re not really the networking types and haven’t as yet found the ideal event for us.

We don’t do door knocking as we find telemarketing so much more efficient.