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Hi Chris,

A few things that leap out at me.

Your web presence needs lots of work. Talk to one of the many SEO people on FS to get some ranking going. Now ‘signage’ is competitive but when I put ‘signage peckenham’ in to google and I can not find you then there is lots of work to do.

SEO can be hard because it is after all a competition. However it gets much easier when you focus on product + location. Now this is ideal for small operators like yourself who only want to work several kms from a base. So make it a goal to be the easiest found website for the suburbs you want to operate in. There are plenty of low hanging fruit to pick on your site to get better location based SEO working.

First off get some better content and images going in your google places listing. Its free and effective. Google by its nature will favour content rich places over simple ones.

Also I would get a fixed line number for the website even if you re-direct it to your mobile. I think mobile numbers are ok for professional services where you are buying an individual’s talents but for a service like yours, I get the mental image of someone fielding lots of calls while trying to sort out my order.