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The Infotainer
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TehCamel, post: 101951 wrote:
It has recently been pointed out to me, that as someone in my early 30s, my hair should not be as.. well.. receding.. as it is.

Said person thinks that this will, if not immediately now, but in the future, make me look like appropriate, and less professional. I’m not a particularly vain person. If I go bald, oh well, I’ll play the hand.
However, it’s been suggested that we buy rogaine.

So my question really is.. do you think it makes much of a difference if your IT guy in his early thirties has receding hair lines ?

gees man

I present at trade shows competing against woemn- I am over weight, I am balding I have bad skin, heck I have yellow teeth from drinking too much Pepsi (although I am on a stricks no fizzy drink diet at the moment)

I also perform magic on stage- if I was really magic I would have perfect hair and body, at the end of the day no one cares except shallow people (and the world is full of them) but my results speak for themselves, I mean my product is based on visual yet I thrive, as an IT guy I don’t think it enters the equation