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Neddy, post: 102281 wrote:
Welcome Yvonne. :)

What a great business niche you have there. I particularly like the fact that you offer “authentication”. That is just so important these days – so many “knock offs” out there.

Best wishes, Ned

Thank you Ned!:) Yes authentication keeps me very busy.
It’s shocking to see how many knock offs out there and how sometimes people just want bargain. Someone bought 3 fake bags for 300-400$ each but she wouldn’t buy anything about $600 that is authentic and retain its value over years.
Lots of cute husbands want to give their wives “nice surprise” by buying “new with tag” fakes. Lucky they called me before buying, otherwise the wives will be really surprised.
I’m happy I’ve helped out so many people and saved their hard earned cash.
Only times I’m a little grumpy when people call:
7am Sunday morning
when i’m really enjoying dinner
when i’m watching mission impossible 4