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travelmaster, post: 102197 wrote:

As somone who is working in the travel industry I think this is definitely the way of the future. All the latest research points towards people forming groups, communities etc etc where you feel that you “belong” and have common interests. This site ( I mean FS) is a perfect example of that trend.

Are you trying to create something similar for people who are into adventure travel ? That’s how I understand your concept. And if so I think it is a great concept. But as it is your business – how do you benefit from it ?

I’ve arrangd quite a few tours in my life as a travel agent, groups from 10 to 600+ people. If your Tour de France tour is going to be the first one how is the “average punter” going to find out about it ? As far as I know there are already French travel specialists out there and I know they do do tours to TDF. So what will your tour offer so people want to be on your tour ?

I think the website looks really cool.
Send me a message if you have any specific questions relating to travel.
Good luck with the concept.

Thanks for the feedback Travelmaster (and others),

You are right in your assessment of The Travel Club concept. We are looking towards developing a membership base of people interested in a range of sport and outdoor adventure related travel. We are aiming to have a regular calendar of events each year, ie. Tour de France, US MAsters Golf, Kentucky Derby, Multi Sport Trip to Patagonia, Powder Skiing Japan. Hopefully targeting some unique events/experiences will bring people back each year, and hopefully continue to build our membership base.

As a business model, we are looking to take advantage of group discounts offered by some tour operators, so that we can pass on some of the discounts to our members, and obviously take a percentage ourselves.
Hopefully, the more people we have each year, the larger the discount we can get. We have already been offered a 15 % discount for a group of 15 or more by one tour operator.

As our client / membership base we are looking towards those who would like to go to these events, but whom don’t necessarily have enough friends with common interest to be able to get discounted prices. By being a member of The Travel Club, they will be able to travel with like-minded individuals and access cheaper rates.

We are also planning to set up a membership fee (free for first year). This would enable access to the events/tours as well as receive discounts to associated retailers involved in the sports/outdoor activity industry. For example, as a Travel Club member with an interest in Golf, you would receive discounts at one of the Golf retailers, or discounted green fees at a course.

I would be interested in discussing some of our ideas with you and will Private Message you later. Thought I’d post this one for others to read as we are always welcoming feedback.



The Travel Club
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