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Khalid Adam, post: 102257 wrote:
( i work for an ICT – Telstra).

For example certain “blue tick” phones for country overheating nokia 6120 and easy ZTE phones)

sorry to be nit picky here but which ZTE phones, my wife has a Telstra Discovery 1 (ZTE T7) and nearly had a fit when she thought she lost it…… it has worked every where we have needed it to, including some places other blue tick phones didnt, battery life was exceptional, call quality was great ring tones and message tones nice and loud, (how long has it been since the T7 was released? cos we have had it since) me on the other hand have been through (less than 12 months) Samsung flip-phone (not sure of the model but had similar qualities to the T7, but battery was crap, so was the service area range), A HTC Wildfire (only things I miss from it is 1) the camera (5 mp) 2)internet searching), Battery was great provided you didnt use the camera or internet, message tones were to quiet (never heard it going off) and service area range was crap, Im now on a Telstra Discovery 2 (ZTE T2) because I couldnt find a T7 …..

rant over sorry