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James Millar
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John I’m not sure if we’re both on exactly the same page (but i think we are – sort of).

I’m a big fan of trying to run a pilot phase for an unproven business model. However to contrast there is definately a large school of thought that says if you believe in your concept then it’s “all in” or nothing (in other words there is no middle ground). I’ve seen both approaches work and also fail but the advantage with the pilot phase model is that (a) you have a lot less to lose financially, (b) it forces you to set clear targets which are generally no more than 18 months in timeframe. Basically you figure out very quickly if your on a winner or not. If its not a winner you move on and rack it up as experience to roll into the the next venture. Don’t flog a dead horse and don’t dwell on it. It’s business and not everything hits it out of the park (no matter how hard you try).

So John the relevance of these comments is that pilot model is essentially a test model (at least at our firm) and I think that’s where your head is at.

You do however need a solid product to take to market in the first instance. I think the market can help refine your offering but if you’re miles of track in the first instance then there is something wrong. A business pilot phase is not a market research phase in my view.

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