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I didn’t watch the video past 5 minutes and I haven’t read every word on this thread (so I maybe missing some things ;)).

I have seen a couple of these training courses and my belief is that all of the information is available through other sources at a much lower cost (i.e. books).
The information is usually sound advice (often over simplifying things) but some of the prices of these courses are way over the top.

For me – do some research into the top 2-3 books of the area you want to learn -buy/ read them – and most importantly practise what you read.
The one advantage of the video training is the motivation that the presenters give.

One pet peeve I do have of some of these marketers is they invent new phrases (“the four pillar marketing strategy” – my made up example) and try and sell it as their own invention – when in reality it’s just some common sense tactic – with their own marketing hype.

These are obviously my own opinions – if you buy an expensive course and you get value for money – great – best to get the knowledge as not get it – but IMO – the information is available in books in a better organised deeper level costing much less.

Anyone who is “in love” ;) so to say, with some of these marketers should check the “salty droid”‘s website – no link as the language is foul – but it does have some interesting posts (as well as lots of cruft).