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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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PT barnam would have taken the internet by storm but he would be shut down in no time. Kind of like Enron and HIH.

What i am a real fan of is influence and persuasion techniques that can be adopted to suit my values. I am sure others do the same.

If you watch the tv show “leverage”, you will know what i mean.

I study these guys and also others because they have a powerful and effective framework but then spoil it by selling a celebrity lifestyle. Their problem, not mine.

Im not in this world to maximize profits ;)

I learn from everyone and take the good.

Btw, id be interested to know where in this video was he selling a get rich scheme / lifestyle.

I have all his products and whilst everyone of them push the high life, he does re iterate over and over again that it takes massive action.

Do you or anyone else own one of his product and can tell me which product is a complete scam and why? specifics would be appreciated so i can become a hater too :p

I would still pick his products and start my own business over trading the markets, investing in real estate, buying an existing business, franchising or licensing anyday. i am speaking from experience here.

hey, i love american bashing just like the next aussie but i think we tend to go overboard.