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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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u’ll notice that i am one of the few who keeps repeating, roi, marketing dollars that is measurable and tangible, branding should be avoided unless ur a corporation, like a mantra.

i am more particular about maximising a dollar than most financial advisors. i hate it when money does not produce results within 30 days. if anything, i love the applying the concept of lean theory to start ups and businesses under 5 years.

maybe it’s due to my international finance degree or maybe it’s just me.

here’s a suggestion. instead of asking opinions of those who have not had first had evidence, why not you as a business advisor invest in one of the internet marketing guru courses.

create a video of you opening it, etc find the stuff that you feel is unethical and create videos on why and how to avoid traps.

i can promised you it will be a worthwhile exercise and will also prove that you are not the average accountant.

you are open minded and wiling to try anything. let’s face it, one thing is posting links of the rantings of a deranged lawyer (Salty droid).

another is videos of a calm, capable, trusted advisor like yourself who rips through the fluff of an IM guru and tell it like it is.

I can easily reduce a 10 dvd course into 1 dvd but i feel the 9 are needed for newbies who dont know the difference between a squeeze page and lemon squeeze.

All i ask is that you apply the teaching first…if you make money, great. if yo dont’ you can get free publicity and i’ll help you with it as well.

you can be the “neil jenman” of the internet marketing industry. how about it? (serious)

i do appreciate your ability to maintain composure and proper demeanour which is why i consider reading your posts (any post) as top priority – not a stalker. What you say matters a great deal to me.

JamesMillar, post: 102574 wrote:
We had a discussion in our office today re why these gurus are so successful in the US. I won’t post some of the theories but lets just say the word “gullable” was used several times. I’m not really into Amercian bashing (have family there) but these occurrences happen to be based there.

Khalid you are probably right in saying that there is a spectrum between extreme dodgy spruikers (the problem ones) and genuinely experienced, genuinely skilled, talented trainers who really innovate. Unfortunately their excitability and passion still does the latter a disservice.

You’ve obviously experienced many of these courses so I’ll take you on your word that some are decent. That being said we preach absolute caution to any business (particularly startup) with every dollar they spend – often its our money in these businesses and we like to drive it as far as possible. I’ll be honest, if a business founder came to us with the excitability / mantra of a guru then it would be a major red flag right away. That’s our industry. There is no room for BS in early stage investing in Australia (it’s a very tight / conservative market here – different to the US).

Perhaps keep up the informative posts on the ones that you think are most practical and affordable for the average Australian SME.

Anyway at the very least you have succeeded in inspiring debate on a controversial topic. That’s what this forum is all about.