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Ange79, post: 102162 wrote:
Have been reading “How to Get New Business in 90 Days and Keep it Forever” by Wendy Evans (thank you Samantha for recommending it) and it’s been most inspiring.

Glad that it has inspired and helped someone else :)

This is the second time that I am writing this and still feels all very scary to me :)

I have a number of different strategies for this year from a couple of different books that I read at the end of last year.

The 1st strategy comes from wendy evans about being consistently in touch so I will be sending 500 DL mailers a month on a 3 month rotation (1500 prospects) – of these I will be contacting approx 3 – 5 a day by phone.

The 2nd strategy is for current clients – blogging and enewsletter every 2 months.

Finally I am also going to be creating demo and tutorial screencasts for our software product to try and get more qualified leads.

Yep – still freaked me out a little :)

If I can networking offline will also make an appearance.