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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Hi andrew,

Glad to see you have plans in place. Just dont mistake tacticss with strategy.
For example ur main strategy is referral generation. Your tactics are the ones listed below.

Magnetic marketing is where you generate sales without selling on autopilot. The premise is educating your market with 95% premium content with 5% offer over time.

Only 3% are ready to be ur client at any givwn time. The other 7% – 17% take anywhere from 3 days to 9 mOnths.

Its too exhausting to follow up manually so a magnetic marketing system does this on autopilot so u dont have to hunt or chase prospects.

You only spend time with those who are serious and they call u or ask you to call them.

U also have the luxury to choose who you want to work with and set the price because comparing with you to your peers becomes comparing apples to oranges.

The beauty is this works better offline than online.

Andrew Newman, post: 102329 wrote:
My marketing strategy is simple and the same as last year:

– asking for referrals from my existing clients
– asking for referrals from my alliances
– networking at select events
– updating my blog: http://www.cmpfinancialplanning.com.au/blog
– posting on investing forums

Personally, I don’t like cold calls (especially when I receive 5 in one day) and I will not respond to emails or direct mail from people I don’t know. However, I would be interested to hear how people go with some of these strategies.

Khalid, can you explain what magnetic marketing is?