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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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1. find salespeople who sell more expensive solutions and ask them to recommend you in exchange for % to those who said no and not interested because of price

2. hire as many as you can. create a website with instructions, videos, what to say etc. that way you can deal with them less and they can learn in their own time. you just need to setup a weekly meeting.

3. joint venture with a complementary service provider and give ask them to write a letter to their past and present clients giving them deep discount and a percentage to the partner.

4. speak for chamber of commerce, bni, or any organisation on how web development can solve certain problems that most business owners dont know about and also how to choose the right provider. offer a deep discount explaining your situation. be honest and humble.

hope this helps.

SohailAnwar, post: 102330 wrote:
Well I was hoping to start a wholesale thing for web development services. Hiring commission only people is a good idea but its a bit hard to find a reliable person. Thanks all for your help. I am definitely going to charge more than 550 :p