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Phillip P
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He is the typical american guru and he is transforming again into a more Don Johnson look and moving away from the surfer boy skateboard riding rags to riches story that he created during the stopernet launch. Its all a massive act he told people that he was doing this at the launch events.

Its all in the process and how he runs things… generally the 2012 state address was all fluff and nothing knew if you know his stuff well… Besides him wearing a suit will taking his new merc 4×4 up the mountain range to give you the view… I own everything he has put out as i sometimes find some gold nuggets that turn into good money for myself and of course clients. These nuggets more than pay for the cost of the items but i must admit it would be awesome if i was just starting out.

He still obviously has technology problems as his infusionsoft to gotowebinar form was failing for a few hours last night :) I would not be suprised if it was infusionsoft as i use this too.

At the end of the day he has a massive tribe and many other “guru” markets in Australia will copy his stuff re badge it and throw it back into the market as a webinar.

I know this because already from his launch im seeing the exactly the same SUBJECT LINES that he is using few days later from others :)

I also own the jay course but i use it more like reference than a course :)