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James Millar
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Khalid Adam, post: 102322 wrote:
have to agree and disagree.

agree for the corporate world. disagree for the small and medium who really want results.

the courses are worth more than any phd or masters. in the area of marketing, entrepreneurship and business in general, universities are way behind and the courses are really structured for the corporate world where money is/was no issue. it’s why MBAs suck at making cold calls or just client attraction in general.

by the way, i have two degrees (international business & international finance) and starting a masters this year. phds, masters and even undergraduate degrees can be a negative in the small business world and especially with entrepreneurs bcos i come across as an academic rather than a practitioner.

also, all the courses i have from the gurus have money back guarantees.

university courses do not come with a money back guarantee. closest one is stanford who offer free courses which is a brilliant idea.

if i had to start all over again, i would invest in jay abraham’s protege consulting course, dan kennedy’s magnetic marketing, consulting coaching and advanced consulting coaching bootcamp.

if there was change to spare, i would add business growth system 2.0 by rich schefren and brendon burchard’s total product blueprint and partnership seminar.

combine them and no MBA or Phd can stand in your way. It’s a challenge i am willing to accept.

The great thing about opinions and experiences – they are different for everyone. (but I don’t understand how a money back guarantee works. Are they guaranteeing satisfaction or success or both?)

Have you had an opportunity to apply theses courses to your own conventional small business (a non consulting business)? How have you found the outcomes?

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