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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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Absolutely, i prefer to hang out with those who have differing opinions. helps my noggin workin and also challenges me to polish my persuasion skills.

ok there are a number of types of guarantees as you can see below:

Risk Reversal (Guarantees)

If you are not refunding at least 20% then you are not selling hard enough.

If you can’t guarantee money you can deliver delivery, prompt action if there is a problem, etc

Satisfaction: If you are not happy for any reason, we’ll refund

Outcome: If you don’t at least receive ‘X’ we’ll refund double your money back (e.g. keep it for a year and if you do not at least make 10 times your investment)

Unconditional: Should be your primary guarantee

Conditional: Can be an ‘additional’ guarantee

• Multiple guarantees are Better Than Single such as satisfaction & outcome

• Refund Consequences: Typically the longer and better the guarantee … the lower the refund rate. One year is better than 28 days. . A one year & then lifetime guarantee.

• Presentation: How the guarantee is stated

ok so i pasted some notes from one of Dan KEnnedy’s courses. To say they work is an understatement but it takes big brass b****s to execute them.

they work like crazy – if you put them into action. too much clients is a major problem. they can destroy your marriage and your life.

the top clients are very impatient. they want things done now – even if it’s at midnight and if you are their business growth advisor, you better make it to the meeting.

over it.

admittedly, i have spent more time researching the last 2 years whilst working for telstra but i am still part of a private group of people who apply the stuff we learn and share results. that’s how i know it works.

another way to think about it is we are always looking to try new things and improve our business. why not try something that is proven by investing in the courses instead of inventing something that has not proven to work?

JamesMillar, post: 102360 wrote:
The great thing about opinions and experiences – they are different for everyone. (but I don’t understand how a money back guarantee works. Are they guaranteeing satisfaction or success or both?)

Have you had an opportunity to apply theses courses to your own conventional small business (a non consulting business)? How have you found the outcomes?