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Hi Khalid,
Americans seem to want instant, simple answers. There is also a big group of Australians in this boat.

Kern is big on affiliate marketing. The promise of instant results coupled with simple answers promoted by many commission paid affiliates is a commonly used tactic.

My problem with affiliate marketing is that it is frequently based on false promises and deceptive practices.

Are you an affiliate or do you derive any income from promoting this website?

I just checked out your Linedin page (http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?authType=name&goback=%2Enppvan_%2Fhymstrategies&locale=en_US&id=99920048&authToken=OD2F).

When I peruse the list of 49 courses you have completed…

I’m all for acquiring knowledge but you seem to be drawn to the instant answers and quick results brigade. If I throw the names of your favoured course presenters through Google there are some very disturbing responses.

I have to say that your post smells like an affiliate marketing spam.

Please assure us it is not.