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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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i am one of the few who is actually glad this happened and welcome the FTC investigation. why?

1. their success got to their head.
2. why sell millionaire dollar dreams when the vast majority just want to make enough for a simple life. for most, $100k per year is more than enough and that is more than achievable with their programmes.
3. just too much hype in the copy when it was never needed. it pushed more people away than it pulled so they shot themselves in their leg imo.

overall, they sell good products and i stand by them so i do get disappointed by the outlandish claims.

to put things into perspective, i would rather invest in their programmes than waste money on a franchise or license. you dont get ur money back no matter how well you follow a franchise system

at least with these guys, there is a unconditional money back guarantee. Frank kern was the first to introduce a “dont need to return the materials” unconditional money back guarantee.

the reason he was the first because the dodgey ones insisted on a package that was not opened, opened but not creased, anything to get out of refunding the money.

info millionaire monthly was one of his first products where he was dodgey. is the are any complaints for mass control monthly or mass control 2.0 or for any of this recent products?

It would be interesting to know if there are refund complaints for anything post mass control 2.0 (2007 on i believe).

at the end of the day, you can blindly follow them or hate them by blindly following the likes of salty droid and this other link you posted that has no evidence but an emotional accusation. both are fools in my opinion.

just dont let others tell u how to think. we live in a free country. let’s not surrender our freedom to think and be gullible on either side.

dont knock it till you try it….

P.s: there are many people on this forum who are students of the likes of kern, who rehash his content and claim it as their own. at least frank admits that he rehashes dan kennedy’s content. As long as the content works, i dont care who produced it because i’ll stand by it.

maybe im one of the naive ones who openly gives credit where it’s due. maybe it’s time i become my own “guru” and pretend to create something that’s already created?

the funny thing is the more i admit that i am a student and not an expert, the more interest i get so no point feeding the ego.

amazing how many have not heard of these people in the offline world….

By the way, what did you think of the video itself? i am referring to the content and not the person.

JohnW, post: 102498 wrote:
Hi Khalid,
Have you checked out this guy you appear to be recommending?

Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcers Target Internet Scams and Deceptive Spamhttp://www.ftc.gov/opa/2003/11/dojsweep.shtm

“In the latest in a series of law enforcement initiatives targeting Internet fraud, the Federal Trade Commission, United States Department of Justice, United States Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and United States Postal Inspection Service, have filed more than 285 criminal and civil law enforcement actions targeting Internet scams and deceptive spam.”

“The FTC announced federal court orders against 10 individuals and five corporations. They represent an array of deceptive schemes and illegal scams including Internet auction fraud, bogus business opportunities, deceptive money-making scams, and phony credit offers….”

“The stipulated final judgment and order with Instant Internet Empires and Irwin F. Kern, IV, also known as Frank Kern, bars them from making false or misleading income claims, from participating in chain marketing schemes, and from providing others with the means and instrumentalities to violate federal laws. Based on financial statements provided by the defendants, $247,000 will be provided for consumer redress. Should the financial representations be found to be inaccurate, the total of their ill-gotten gains, $634,222, will become due.”

Paying For It: The Frank Kern Scamhttp://assetsrich.com/paying-for-it-the-frank-kern-scam

“Frank Kern… preys on internet newcomers and lures them into subscribing and buying his services. Kern says that cancelling a membership at any time is quick and easy with a phone call or the click of a link. The phone call he offers leaves the membership holder on hold for hours and the link are error reports and are all broken. Once stuck in the Frank Kern membership fees and you will forever pay for it.

Frank insists making 10,000 a month with his product is possible. The Infomillionare newsletter is one product that Frank Kern peddles. If you decide to buy the newsletter it will cost about forty-five dollars a month for a small black book with size twenty font. The product does nothing specific but offers general guidelines and links about website beginners and how to maximize profit.

The only way to get rid of your subscription after you have bought it is to call your bank or credit card company and have them stop the payments. Frank Kern and his partner Trey Smith come up with product that have no validness or reason for existing and make millions off of it. Once involved with Frank Kern’s scam to rob unknowing people of their money there is no getting out of it.”

Caveat emptor!