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BranchingOut, post: 102349 wrote:
Thanks all for replying.

I can definately understand where you are all coming from but this is where I get caught up. As a software provider we have several packages that are available (all with different prices). Without knowing exactly what features they are after it is hard to give them the information that would actually cover what they are asking for (and in my mind a chance at winning the sale).

Quite a few enquiries come from an external government site without ever having come to our website. The information provided on this site is very specific to one feature of our program (and industry) and does not give any other information about our product range.

So any suggestions on how I deal with this through just an email response would be helpful, without getting any background information via a phone call.

Hi Samantha!

I’d just send an email asking the essential questions you need to ask, in order to determine what their needs are. From this you can then determine what product/service you think best suits them. Conclude the email by saying you will be in touch via phone in coming days, and you can discuss in more detail then.

That’s what I’d do I think if I was in your situation.

Ange :-)